From 1 February 2018 two video production companies are forging ahead under the name FOUR CREATING.

As a result of this move, in which Jurriaan Kwakkel, owner and founder of Kwakkel Media, has joined the management team as Director of Photography, FOUR CREATING has grown from four to eleven employees in the space of just a year. FOUR CREATING now produces video content for dozens of clients, including Sanoma, Endemol Beyond and Game Mania, as well as advertising agencies such as Vertigo 6, C2B and Somention.

Better quality

“The online video business is becoming increasingly populated and more competitive,” commented Rik van der Kleij, Managing Director at FOUR CREATING. “Thanks to the addition of Kwakkel Media, we can offer better and more extensive service to our existing and new clients. What’s more, Kwakkel Media brings unique camera knowledge and skills to the party, which will help us outperform the competition in terms of quality.”

FOUR CREATING 2018 groep

Stronger and more creative possibilities

“Having already realised some unique productions, FOUR CREATING had started to acquire an excellent name for itself in the branded content market,” added Jurriaan Kwakkel, FOUR CREATING’s new Director of Photography. “This merger makes us stronger. What’s more, in addition to making single videos, it allows us to focus more on creating online video series and formats. We are now better placed to support clients, marketing people and media parties in how they implement their annual content calendar.”

“Little, if anything, will change for the clients and partners of FOUR CREATING and Kwakkel Media,” said Rik van der Kleij. “Communication will continue through existing contacts, for example. That said, our camera teams have grown substantially as a result, so it might just be the case that clients will have to serve up more coffee during content shoots,” he quipped.

The merger was presented and commemorated with a new logo and showreel: