Treatwell helps beauty and wellness entrepreneurs boost their online visibility. This international beauty brand is committed to helping people present the most beautiful version of themselves. And if there’s one group of narcissistic filmmakers that should be sensitive to this message, it’s us!

Client: Treatwell BNL

Treatwell asked us to produce appealing video content that would increase their sales and brand awareness. For an initial, reference, video we visited three Dutch beauty salons and asked their owners to tell us what it was like to collaborate with Treatwell.

Video Benelux:

After recording this video on location in Amersfoort and our Amsterdam hometown, we were asked to maintain the same style in a sequel to be made in London. Treatwell’s willingness to collaborate internationally with the same video producer made it easy to push through a uniform format and corporate identity in several countries. And we love flying, which always helps!

Fortunately, in addition to Dutch, we also have a talented in-house content creator with competence in English. It proved the ideal opportunity for Creative Director David Widen to film in what is essentially a second home for him. The fact that he knew just about every photogenic spot in London is clearly obvious in the end result.

Video United Kingdom: