For our client Glasnost we do regular work for Vodafone, which is best known for telephony, of course, but nowadays involved in so much more. Such as the “Internet of Things”, for example, in which everyday home, garden and kitchen appliances, office supplies or new devices are connected to the Internet. All these devices have many different applications and Vodafone is using the Internet of Things to help companies exploit the myriad possibilities.

FOUR CREATING produced four videos showing exactly how Vodafone is harnessing the power of the Internet of Things.

We visited AntTail, SecureLink, Troffee and Undagrid to make videos that show how these companies utilise the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things. As to whether they benefited from the videos, don’t take our word for it, check them out and judge for yourself.


Vodafone / Glasnost


Internet of Things


4x Branded Content