We make incredibly cool videos for Vertigo 6. We’re fanatical gamers ourselves, so working on the new release of a game is a real treat for us every time.

A release typically involves cinematic scenes, plenty of strategically placed GoPro cameras, oodles of speed, 4K “epicness” and Ronin shots, all conspiring together to ratchet up the excitement.

Together with professional racing driver Tom Coronel, we tore around the Zandvoort racing circuit; we, sat alongside Qucee in a roller coaster in Toverland theme park; we presented the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 to a loyal fan; we flanked fully kitted-out knights during the launch of Kingdom Come and we were even trusted to put a Trek electronic bike through its impressive paces in the city. Any time, any place and whatever the occasion, we’re always ready to make a cool video for Vertigo 6. Next please!


Vertigo 6


Trek – EBikes, Sixt Koningsdag, Kingdom Come, Dragonball Z, UFC3, Game Mania, Sonic Forces, Star Wars BF2, Gear.Club Unlimited, Koch Media


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