Ti Sento is currently in the throes of a complete re-branding process to re-position itself in the market. And by developing plans in the field of video marketing, FOUR CREATING has been closely involved from the start.

We were there with Ti Sento during the opening of the Hudson’s Bay department store in Leiden, where Ti Sento delighted store visitors with a dance rendition and by handing out gifts.

At the beginning of 2018 Ti Sento organised a two-day event to present its new product line and the new Ti Sento story to its distributors and partners. On each of these days we produced a video that showcased and summarised the day.

We also produce television commercials and online video campaigns for Ti Sent. Next please!


Ti Sento


Autumn & Winter collection TV commercial, TV Commercial, Opening Hudson’s Bay, Distributeursdagen 1 & 2, Videocampagne Rosebuds


4x TV Commercial, 4x Branded Content, 3 x Aftermovie