We have a really special bond with NMBRS. As their regular supplier of video content, it’s not unusual for them to give us total creative freedom, within the bounds of their corporate house style, of course. We developed the company’s video house style, creating animations and designs that combine to provide a fantastic look and feel. Collaborating with us on the deployment of video yielded excellent results for NMBRS. And once again, this year we produced videos for NMBRS in the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

In 2018 we also worked on various aftermovies, a corporate film, two six-month teasers and a variety of vlogs. That special bond we mentioned is more than evident in the videos. But be careful not to turn the sound up too high, because they speak volumes for themselves.




Lönedag 2018, Sales demos, Six months video, Sail event, HR app event, Vlogs, Lönedag 2017, Referentie video: WinWin


3x Trailer, 2x Bedrijfsfilm, 3x Aftermovie, 2x Vlog, 4x Branded Content