Glasnost is one of the Netherlands’ leading advertising agencies, which is why we are so happy with our partnership. Orders from Glasnost are streaming in and we are really pleased to work with end customers such as Vodafone, Ziggo, Google and Tata Steel Consultancy.

The projects we carry out for Glasnost range from a six-part web series about Clans, part of the Destiny game, to the Google release video.

For the latter we filmed and befriended several Dutch celebrities, including Yes-R, Hans Kazan, Giel Beelen and Wilfred Genee.

Furthermore, on behalf of Tata Steel Consultancy, we accompanied the CEO of KLM on a three-day trip to India. Can’t be bad!




Google Assistent, Destiny 2 – Battle of the Clans, Tata Consultancy Services – Mini-Docu, Vodafone – Internet of things, – tattoo, Ziggo -Golden Seats


6x Branded Content, 1x Promotionfilm, 1x Aftermovie, 1x Documentary