We have also taken on a diverse and very extensive range of projects on behalf of EndemolShine Beyond. A single video cannot possibly unleash all the power of branded content and storytelling, which is why we made a compilation of projects produced, edited and commissioned by and in collaboration with EndemolShine Beyond.

These projects vary from online videos for the Netherlands’ National Postcode Lottery and the Dutch TV show “Miljoenenjacht”, to video projects produced in co-creation for PayPal and KPN. We travel to all corners of the Netherlands in our quest to create beautiful imagery for EndemolShine Beyond. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the compilation and see for yourself some of the great work we’ve done together!


EndemolShine Beyond


KPN Edivisie, Holland zingt Hazes, Goed Geld Gala, Koffer inpakken, Miljoenenjacht, Vriendenloterij / Centerparks, Paypal.


3x Aftermovie, 2x Promotiefilm, 8x Branded Content