In collaboration with our partner C2B, we developed the online “Zorg is Zo” series for the pension fund, PFZW. We also worked with C2B on several videos for supermarket chain, SPAR, helping them to activate their “Christmas Tree in Summer” campaign online. SPAR is using this campaign to customers make it cosy in their homes throughout the year by offering Christmas trees.

For the SPAR campaign we made sure we produced enough footage to make several videos that demonstrate the cosy effect a Christmas tree can have in the summer. The campaign was very well received and was even picked up by national news media, such as De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad and RTL News. For PFZW/PGGM we worked with a large in-house production team, producing four videos of a high-enough quality to air on TV.




Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn – ZorgisZo, Spar – Luchtballon campagne, Spar – Kerstboom in de zomer campagne, D-Reizen – D-jacht campagne


7x Promotionfilm, 9x Branded Content, 1x Commercial, 2x Aftermovie