Always creating

FOUR CREATING is an online video producer, fuelled by academic and journalistic drivers. Thinking along with our clients, from the very beginning of the production process, allows us to produce effective, targeted video content.
Involving the client every step of the way ensures that the end product is as “authentic” and “realistic” as it could possibly be. We work on aftermovies, corporate films and promotional videos on a daily basis and we firmly believe that brands can be brought to life using formats, web series and mini-documentaries.


Rik van der Kleij - Managing Director - FOUR CREATING

Rik van der Kleij

Managing Director

Ben Balvers - Marketing Manager - FOUR CREATING

Ben Balvers

Marketing Director

Sander Beekman - Content Director - FOUR CREATING

Sander Beekman

Content Director

David Widen - Creative Director - FOUR CREATING

David Widen

Creative Director

Jurriaan Kwakkel 2018

Jurriaan Kwakkel

Director of Photography

Inez Aarts

Production Assistent

Jeroen Koning

AV Specialist

Ilse Beentjes - Junior Project Manager - FOUR CREATING

Ilse Beentjes

Production Assistent

Boris Marijn - AV Specialist - FOUR CREATING

Boris Marijn

AV Specialist

Rianne Aalbers - Productie Assistent - FOUR CREATING

Rianne Aalbers

Production Assistent

Maarten Brom - AV Specialist - FOUR CREATING

Maarten Brom

AV Specialist